Hyssop comes in a clearly marked 3″ x 4″ resealable bag and weighs 1 ounce.

Hung up in the home, hyssop can rid a house of negativity. Add it into a sachet or water to infuse or sprinkle on people in need of purification. It’s also good for use in magical self-defense – carry some in your pocket, or spread it around the perimeter of your property to add a layer of magical protection.

It is used by the priests in the Temple of Solomon for various purification rites.

Hyssop is a purifying herb, used to sweep sacred spaces. Infused with water, it is sprinkled lightly over objects to cleanse them.

The plant cleanses and protects homes from harmful energies; hanging at windows or doors or scattered.

It is used in many protection rituals for both the mind and the body.

Hyssop is considered to contain dragon energy and this can be bestowed by burning the plant as an incense or burning it in a fire.


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