Calendula comes in a clearly marked 3″ x 4″ resealable bag and weighs 1 ounce.

Old lore tells of the plant’s use to grant a vision of anyone who has stolen anything from the bearer, as well as to engender a good reputation for himself.
An old love spell dictates that a woman should collect soil that her prospective partner has stepped on and pot it up with a calendula plant. The health of the plant indicated the health of the relationship.

Calendula is used to bring comfort to those who are nervous and prone to fear, as well as those who have gone through a profound shock or trauma to the system. It is used to temper anger and rash behavior. Calendula can also be used to encourage emotional warmth and tolerance, compassion and the ability to truly listen to what others are saying – quite vital to those of us in the healing arts as what our patients don’t say is often just as important as what they do say.

Magical Uses: Being a herb of the sun, Calendula can be used to remove negative energy. An oil can be used to consecrate tools, and the petals can be used as part of an incense for divination, or sprinkled on the floor under the bed to bring prophetic dreams.

The plant has a long association with Samhain, and the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, and can be used at remembrance ceremonies as well as funerals and rites for the deceased, as well as for magic to remember deceased loved ones, in particular partners.

Apparently walking barefoot through marigold flowers grants an understanding of the knowledge of birds to girls. The plant can be used in any ritual to honor the sun, as part of a sacred bath, incense or strewing herb, as well as to produce a yellow dye for and altar cloths for use in sun honoring rituals.

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